Android Project: GSM RGB LED Signboard

April 30th, 2014  Posted at   Project Android, Project PIC
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GSM RGB LED Signboard

Project GSM RGB LED Signboard menggunakan 14×7 Serial RGB LED. Ia memaparkan mesej dan warna mengikut arahan daripada SMS melalui Android Apps.

Skematiknya adalah seperti berikut.

Schematic GSM RGB LED Signboard

Harga projek GSM RGB LED Signboard adalah RM1100 tidak termasuk bantuan teknikal. Di bawah adalah cara projek ini berfungsi.

4 Responses to “Android Project: GSM RGB LED Signboard”

  1. sivakumar says:

    GSM RGB LED Signboard very nice so how much cost

  2. yaya says:

    salam saudara…nak tanya…berapa harga untuk coding gsm?

  3. aryan says:

    which type of led have you used … does every led have its own processor ???

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