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Gambar di atas adalah pandangan atas dan pandangan bawah Ciku. Ciku adalah produk keluaran Cytron Technologies. Ciku adalah berdasarkan bentuk board Arduino yang menggunakan PIC18F4520 untuk digunakan bersama Arduino shield.


  • Comes with pre-programmed PIC18F4550 with USB bootloader.
  • PIC18F4550 running at 48MHz (after PLL with 10MHz external crystal).
  • Power via USB or external DC adapter (7 – 12V).
  • On board 5V 800mA (Max 1A) voltage regulator.
  • On board 3.3V 500mA (Max 500mA) voltage regulator.
  • USB mini-B receptor for USB connection.
  • 20 digital I/O pins.
  • 6 analog input pin.
  • 2 PWM output pin.
  • Standard Arduino UNO R3 header, able to utilize Arduino shield.
  • Extra pads with standard 0.1” (2.54 mm) pitch to pitch.
  • 32KByte flash/program memory (~28K after bootloader).
  • On board Power, Run and programmable LED.
  • Reset button and bootloader button for entering USB bootloader mode.
  • Program with MPLAB X IDE and XC8 compiler (library is open source and provided)
  • Program loading via USB HID, GUI from Microchip provided.
  • PICkit standard ICSP 6-way pads for direct program loading (optional)

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