App Inventor Lesson: Send Email

App Inventor Send Email 1

Aplikasi Email adalah bertujuan untuk menghantar e-mail. Penghantaran e-mail tidak dihantar terus dari App Inventor, tetapi dihantar daripada code php. App Inventor membuat post request ke link php tersebut. Contoh form e-mail adalah seperti

Berikut adalah App Inventor code nya.

App Inventor Send Email 2

App Inventor Send Email 3

Download APK file.
Download App Inventor file.
Berikut adalah demo Send Email.

php source code

6 responses to “App Inventor Lesson: Send Email”

  1. I tried the code above to send email. it didn’t work. I changed it to my dot com it didn’t work. I same a copy of the php or html con in notepad and named the file email.php. i tried it exactly as above. I downloaded the apk file and install it on my phone and it still didn’t work. Is there any suggestion you might. have. i use a php designer and save it there it didn’t work.

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