Arduino Lesson: EC Meter

EC Meter adalah sensor yang mengukur tahap EC air. EC adalah singkatan bagi Electrical Conductivity yang diukur dalam unit ms/cm atau milisiemens per sentimeter. Sensor EC Meter ini boleh membaca dari 1-20ms/cm. EC menunjukkan ion-ion yang terlarut dalam nutrisi air. Sama seperti bacaan RS485 EC Sensor yang menggunakan Modbus.

Berikut adalah video demo EC Meter.

Arduino Source Code

One Reply to “Arduino Lesson: EC Meter”

  1. Hi. I already upload your code to the arduino. But the serial monitor appear to be :

    voltage: 0mV temperature: 0.00degC EC: No solution!
    No more sensor on chain, reset search.

    This happens for both waterpipe and salt solution. I guess the EC meter wont able to detect the solution. I already test the connection and also the jumper wire. Seems like no problem. So do you have any idea what is actually happen?

    Your reply is must appreciated. Am currently doing this for my final year degree project. Thanks. Hoping you to have a blessed day ahead :)

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