Arduino Lesson: Note Acceptor

Note Acceptor 1

Note Acceptor adalah sensor yang boleh mengenal pasti duit kertas. Ini adalah note acceptor model BV20. Output nya adalah serial RS232. Bagi contoh model lain iaitu note acceptor TB Series.

Note Acceptor 2

Berikut adalah demo menggunakan Note Acceptor.

Arduino Source Code

Sertai Telegram Group bagi dapatkan source code

17 responses to “Arduino Lesson: Note Acceptor”

  1. Salam. boleh tau bagai mana posisi wiring ke arduinonya dan untuk bv20 itu posisi sebagai SSP atau PULSE/ISO trims

  2. May I know the circuit diagram of your arduino to BV20 Bill or Note Acceptor?
    I have also BV20 at my home I want to use it also at my thesis can you help me about the circuit configuration?
    Many Thanks

  3. HI, can you make something for Comestero RM5 with CN6 Rx/Tx connection (Programming connector or Serial Output)?

    I need help for this coin acceptor.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi, Sharul , i use the source that u provided and using ( ARDUINO UNO AND BV 20 ) to done my project but i dont know what is the problem can i ask you personally? Thx alot

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