Arduino Lesson: SIM900 MMS


GSM SIM900 boleh digunakan untuk menghantar MMS.

Berikut adalah demo SIM900 menghantar MMS gambar daripada SD Card.

Arduino Source Code

Sertai Telegram Group bagi dapatkan source code

22 responses to “Arduino Lesson: SIM900 MMS”

  1. can you please post your circuit diagram, also, is it require that the sim card has internet service.

  2. Hi,
    I use this code, but i couldn’t send MMS. I couldn’t see ERROR or CONNECT after AT+CMMSDOWN command. What is the reason?

  3. Thanks for these tutorial. But can you help me send MMS using arduino Uno instead of Mega,if so I kindly request to send me the code, or inform where can I surf it.

    thanks and regards,

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