Arduino Lesson: USB Host Shield + Barcode Scanner

USB Host Shield + Barcode Scanner

USB Host Shield adalah digunakan untuk membaca alatan yang menggunakan USB HID. Contoh ini menggunakan USB Barcode Scanner. Selain itu, terdapat juga RS232 Barcode Scanner.

Berikut adalah demo USB Host Shield dan USB Barcode Scanner.

Arduino Source Code

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10 responses to “Arduino Lesson: USB Host Shield + Barcode Scanner”

  1. Programmer is Shahrulnizam Mat Rejab? Even this code is copy pasted. You only added line 40 and line 49. Don’t take credits for things that are not yours.

      • No, I did not talk about the library. I was talking about the main sketch. You did not properly credits the original author of the code.

        The original version was developed by Oleg and the second version which was edited to get it full working was developed by

        These are the original programmers.

  2. Hey. Can you tell me how can i eploit the variable key? I need to copare it with other barcodes and show a message on my lcd but when i put : if (key == xxxxxxxxxx) it’s not working. Please help me and thank you

  3. Hi
    I used this code and the program is error at HID_PROTOCOL_KEYBOARD was not declared in this scope.
    Then I add “#include SPI.h and #define HID_PROTOCOL_KEYBOARD 1 ” to program. When I run it, it only show “Barcode ready” and when I scan barcode , nothing is shown.
    Can you help me, Please!

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