Arduino Project: Fingerprint Car Starter

Fingerprint Car Starter adalah projek yang membaca fingerprint bagi menghidupkan sebiji relay. Relay tersebut boleh dijadikan suis misalnya mengaktifkan litar car starter. Fingerprint terdapat fungsi seperti search user, add user, delete user, delete all user dan total user.

Skematiknya adalah seperti berikut.

PCB komponen layout nya adalah seperti berikut.

Senarai komponen projek Fingerprint Car Starter seperti berikut.
No Component Label Unit
1 005 PCB Arduino Relay Access (92mm X 50mm) PCB 1
2 Buzzer-PCB Mount Buzzer 1
3 Capacitor SMD1206 0.1uF C5 1
4 Capacitor SMD1206 10uF C1-C2 2
5 Capacitor SMD1206 22pF C3-C4 2
6 Crystal SMD 16MHz XTAL 1
7 DC Jack Female DC Jack Female 1
8 Diode SMD1206 1N4001 D1-D2 2
9 Fingerprint Sensor FPM10A UART2 1
11 LED SMD Red 3.2mm X 1.6mm LED 1
13 PCB Connector Header (Right) 4 Ways UART2 1
14 PCB Connector Header (Straight) 2 Ways PWR 1
15 PCB Connector Header (Straight) 3 Ways OUT 1
16 PCB Connector Housing 2 Ways PWR 1
17 PCB Connector Housing 3 Ways OUT 1
18 PCB Connector Housing 4 Ways UART2 1
19 PCB Stand (screw nut) PCB Stand 4
20 Push Button 4 pin 6x6x1 PB1-PB4 4
21 Relay 12V SPDT RLY 1
22 Resistor SMD1206 0.125W 10K R1 1
23 Resistor SMD1206 0.125W 330 R3-R4 2
24 Resistor SMD1206 0.25W 1K R2 1
25 Right Angle Pin Header (Male) ICSP 1
26 Slide Switch S1 1
27 Terminal Pin OUT 3
28 Terminal Pin PWR 2
29 Terminal Pin UART2 4
30 Transistor 2N2222 Q1-Q2 2
31 Voltage Regulator 5V SOT223 7805 1

Harga projek Fingerprint Car Starter adalah RM710 tidak termasuk bantuan teknikal. Di bawah adalah cara projek ini berfungsi.

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      1. Do you have any project of starting a vehicle through Android ? Like By sending message or a call the vehicle should get started .

  1. Good afternoon, my name is Guilherme, from Brazil. I’m using arduino and doing some changes in my car. I like your project very much. Could you send me the values of code and more information about the hardware? Thanks.

  2. helo my name is usman ali
    bhai je mujay daiya gram to mil gai per ya nai pata chala ka ap ne osay program kaisay keya ha
    .aghur ho sakay to mujay os ka baray ma pory detail beta dejeya ga .email ker ka

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