Arduino Project: GSM Home Security 4 Input

GSM Home Security 4 Input adalah projek untuk memantau rumah ketika keluar daripada rumah melalui GSM. Projek Arduino GSM Home Security  4 Input memasang empat magnetic switch pada mana-mana pintu masuk rumah.

Skematiknya adalah seperti di berikut.

PCB komponen layout nya adalah seperti berikut.

Senarai komponen projek Arduino GSM Home Security 4 Input seperti berikut.
No Component Label Unit
1 021 PCB Arduino Four Input (90mm X 46mm) PCB 1
2 Buzzer-PCB Mount Buzzer 1
3 Capacitor SMD1206 0.1uF C3-C4 2
4 Capacitor SMD1206 10uF C1-C2 2
5 Capacitor SMD1206 22pF C5-C6 2
6 Crystal 16MHz XTAL 1
7 DC Jack Female DC Jack Female 1
8 Diode SMD1206 1N4001 D1 1
11 IC Socket 28pin ATMEGA328 1
12 LCD 16X2 LCD 1
13 Magnetic Contact Switch SEN1-SEN4 4
14 PCB Connector Header (Right) 3 Ways SEN1-SEN4 4
15 PCB Connector Header (Right) 4 Ways GSM 1
16 PCB Connector Housing 3 Ways SEN1-SEN4 4
17 PCB Connector Housing 4 Ways GSM 1
18 PCB Stand (screw nut) PCB Stand 6
19 Resistor 0.25W 1K/4.7K R2 1
20 Resistor SMD1206 0.125W 10K R1 1
21 Resistor SMD1206 0.125W 330 R3 1
22 Resistor SMD1206 0.25W 1K R4 1
23 Right Angle Pin Header (Male) ICSP 1
24 Slide Switch S1 1
25 Terminal Block 2 Way DC 1
26 Terminal Pin SEN1-SEN4 12
27 Terminal Pin GSM 4
28 Transistor 2N2222 Q1 1
29 Voltage Regulator 5V SOT223 7805 1

Harga projek Arduino GSM Home Security 4 Input adalah RM400 tidak termasuk bantuan teknikal. Di bawah adalah cara projek ini berfungsi.

52 responses to “Arduino Project: GSM Home Security 4 Input”

  1. Thanks!
    I am new in designing PCB. Can you provide the project files for learning purpose?

  2. Can you make a design with hardware and software coding part for GSM based security system if please email me

  3. I changed language in def.

    now problem is it denied all numbers

    I send ADD 1234567890 ( my phone 10 dig )

    and allways send me

    Your phone number is denied to give command.


    if complicate, please tell me what lines in the code to comment in order to accept commands from any call

  4. Dear Inventor
    Greetings! Would you please send me the full Code for this project so that I can make one for my Home far away from my job place ( another district ).
    Please do not hesitate to tell me if I have to pay. Its a great project you have made.
    Thank you for sharing.


  5. Hi very good project you have here. I want the source code how to pay and is it $25 with all you have listed the (Source code, PCP designs and components)?

  6. Dear sir.. I need those code.. I am ready to pay. Please tell me the payment details and all…

  7. Assalamualaikum Shahrulnizam bro,
    I want to purchase the code for this project.
    Can you please share the charges.
    Awaiting your earliest response.

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