Arduino Project: GSM Home Security 4 Input

May 23rd, 2017  Posted at   Project Arduino
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GSM Home Security 4 Input adalah projek untuk memantau rumah ketika keluar daripada rumah melalui GSM. Projek Arduino GSM Home Security  4 Input memasang empat magnetic switch pada mana-mana pintu masuk rumah.

Skematiknya adalah seperti di berikut.

PCB komponen layout nya adalah seperti berikut.

Harga projek Arduino GSM Home Security 4 Input adalah RM430 tidak termasuk bantuan teknikal. Di bawah adalah cara projek ini berfungsi.

44 Responses to “Arduino Project: GSM Home Security 4 Input”

  1. Sivayaakkesh says:

    I’m doing RFID security lock system with smoke detector… can you help me out ?

  2. Mwangi says:

    Sir,How do I get the code only.I can take care of the circuit

  3. Skara says:

    Hi very good project you have here. I want the source code how to pay and is it $25 with all you have listed the (Source code, PCP designs and components)?

  4. Skara says:

    Hi good project here i see. Want to buy the code what does it come with?

    Thank you

  5. David Ramos says:

    How much do you charge for a complete parts list as well as the code needed to replicate this project?

  6. Pls send code am biginer of arduino this code will ne bery use full for me

  7. Kallol Sarker says:

    Dear Inventor
    Greetings! Would you please send me the full Code for this project so that I can make one for my Home far away from my job place ( another district ).
    Please do not hesitate to tell me if I have to pay. Its a great project you have made.
    Thank you for sharing.


  8. kiron says:

    help me code

  9. miguel says:

    I changed language in def.

    now problem is it denied all numbers

    I send ADD 1234567890 ( my phone 10 dig )

    and allways send me

    Your phone number is denied to give command.


    if complicate, please tell me what lines in the code to comment in order to accept commands from any call

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