Arduino Project: GSM Home Security 4 Input

May 23rd, 2017  Posted at   Project Arduino
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GSM Home Security 4 Input adalah projek untuk memantau rumah ketika keluar daripada rumah melalui GSM. Projek Arduino GSM Home Security  4 Input memasang empat magnetic switch pada mana-mana pintu masuk rumah.

Skematiknya adalah seperti di berikut.

PCB komponen layout nya adalah seperti berikut.

Harga projek Arduino GSM Home Security 4 Input adalah RM440 tidak termasuk bantuan teknikal. Di bawah adalah cara projek ini berfungsi.

44 Responses to “Arduino Project: GSM Home Security 4 Input”

  1. Navisen says:

    hello sir,
    The email is not correct when am trying to reach you. Can you send me an email on Am interested in buying the program.

  2. yodu says:

    code not for free?

  3. madjid says:

    Can you send code for me? Plz. Email:

  4. Kallol says:

    Dear Concern
    Its a good project. How can I get all the source codes! Please mail me details.

  5. Subbu says:

    Mail the source code and what is payment method…

  6. Muhd Zaki says:

    Berapa harga code? Kalau beli dgn projek yg dh siap berapa?

  7. Virrindra Momaya says:

    Can you make a design with hardware and software coding part for GSM based security system if please email me

  8. murat says:

    Your projects are perfect. But I can not find the codes. Please share

  9. Dimi says:

    I am new in designing PCB. Can you provide the project files for learning purpose?

  10. Dimi says:

    it is a great project!
    What tool do you use for drawing PCB?

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