Arduino Project: MMS Camera

December 19th, 2014  Posted at   Project Arduino, Project VB
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MMS Camera

MMS Camera adalah projek yang menggunakan Servo Motor, Ultrasonic HC-SR04, LinkSprite JPEG Camera dan GSM SIM900. Fungsi nya apabila ada objek yang menghalang sensor ultrasonic, servo motor akan berhenti, camera mengambil gambar dan menghantar MMS melalui SIM90.

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23 Responses to “Arduino Project: MMS Camera”

  1. Nasif says:

    How much do you need for Circuits diagram and source code??

  2. Recep says:

    Hi. Can you help me pls. I need this codes. This project is the same as my graduation project.

  3. Maggiayam says:

    Coding tu berapa encik?

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