chipKIT Lesson: GSM Modem

June 7th, 2012  Posted at   Lesson ChipKIT
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GSM adalah singkatan bagi Global System for Mobile Communications. Interface GSM Modem dengan PIC boleh rujuk PIC Lesson: GSM Modem.

GSM Modem beroperasi melalui set AT Command. Contoh AT Command adalah di bawah.

AT+CGMI Manufacturer identification
AT+CGMM Request model identification
AT+CGMR Request revision identification
AT+CGSN Product Serial Number
ATD Dial command
ATH Hang-Up command
AT+CMGF Preferred Message Format
AT+CMGS Send message

Paparan pada serial monitor adalah seperti berikut.

Berikut adalah videonya.

ChipKIT Source Code

6 Responses to “chipKIT Lesson: GSM Modem”

  1. Al says:


    nak tanya..coding “Serial1” tu kena declare kt dalam libabry erk? boleh bagi tunjuk ajar x camne nak declare..

    bantuan dan jasa baik sgt dihargai..

  2. Akmal says:


    does the chipKIT coding can be used for SK40C from Cytron?

  3. ismail says:

    assalamualaikum…klau utk connection pic ke gsm, sy hnya smbung pin tx shj dan xsmbung pin rx boleh x?sbb sy hnya nk hntar msg dan xnk terima msg atau pin rx sy sudah digunakan

  4. Mehdi says:

    I see that you use an adapter card between the GSM Modem and your Controler. That used to reduice the Voltage in the rs232 modem , because you controler use 5v. I have problem to communicate between my gsm anf controler

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