CT-Uno Lesson: EMP500 Coin Acceptor

November 8th, 2017  Posted at   Lesson Arduino
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Ini adalah coin acceptor model EMP500.12 v5. Selain model ini, terdapat coin acceptor model JY-923. Boleh rujuk CT-Uno Lesson: Coin Acceptor.

Berikut adalah litar diagram bagi EMP500.12

Berikut adalah demo menggunakan EMP500 Coin Acceptor.

Arduino Source Code

10 Responses to “CT-Uno Lesson: EMP500 Coin Acceptor”


    hi encik shahrul,

    please pm me, I need ur service. asap


  2. Kenneth Koh says:

    I have 3 no EMP500.12DV5 coin acceptor cannot work. can you help to reprogram?
    if yes, how much?

  3. sanchou says:

    is it same thing on STM32 !!

  4. Husin says:

    Mana ada jual coin aceptor ni. Berapa harganya.

  5. Sílvio says:


    Could you please help me how to make it accept TOKENS?

    It accepts coins of 0,50€, 1,00€ and 2,00€ and I would like to accept TOKENS also!

    Thank you!

  6. Parth says:

    Thanks for your video, I need to do same thing where i am also using EMP500.12 V5, I am not able to detect any pulse at arduino, so can you please share me circuit diagram for this ? i will be verymuch thank ful to you for your help.

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