CT-Uno Lesson: Note Acceptor

November 28th, 2015  Posted at   Lesson Arduino
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Note Acceptor 1

Note Acceptor adalah sensor yang boleh mengenal pasti duit kertas. Output nya adalah serial RS232. Ini adalah note acceptor model BV20.

Note Acceptor 2

Berikut adalah demo menggunakan Note Acceptor.

Arduino Source Code

15 Responses to “CT-Uno Lesson: Note Acceptor”

  1. Ashraffbakar says:

    Assalamualaikum. Bleh saya tnya tentang cara reset acceptor bv20 .. sbab bv20 x bleh nk reset ..

  2. Lee Zhe Wei says:

    Hi, Sharul , i use the source that u provided and using ( ARDUINO UNO AND BV 20 ) to done my project but i dont know what is the problem can i ask you personally? Thx alot

  3. MI says:

    HI, can you make something for Comestero RM5 with CN6 Rx/Tx connection (Programming connector or Serial Output)?

    I need help for this coin acceptor.

    Thank you.

  4. Ferer says:

    May I know the circuit diagram of your arduino to BV20 Bill or Note Acceptor?
    I have also BV20 at my home I want to use it also at my thesis can you help me about the circuit configuration?
    Many Thanks

  5. zulkifli says:

    Salam. boleh tau bagai mana posisi wiring ke arduinonya dan untuk bv20 itu posisi sebagai SSP atau PULSE/ISO trims

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