ESP32 Lesson: FIM6060 Fingerprint

FIM6060 adalah model fingerprint reader dari Nitgen. FIM6060 Fingerprint ini menggunakan interface UART. Bagi interface FIM6060 dengan PIC boleh rujuk PIC Lesson: FIM6060 Fingerprint.

Berikut adalah demo nya.

5 responses to “ESP32 Lesson: FIM6060 Fingerprint”

  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Is it possible if I provide an API for the device to use for:

    1. Verify user is a valid user from the API
    2. Submit time to the API
    3. Doing registration of the user’s thumbprint

    if all above can be implement, what kind of data format, you usually submit to an API? from my perspective i’m expecting to receive a form format / json format.

    Love to hear the details how can a device communicate with an API.


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