ESP32 Lesson: SIM7600 4G

SIM7600 adalah module bagi 4G serta mempunyai GPS. Selain fungsi asas bagi menghantar dan menerima SMS, ia juga boleh membuat http Request bagi menghubungkan hardware dengan website sama ada membaca atau menghantar data.

Bagi code ini, dimasukkan sekali code untuk OTA Programming dan Wifi Manager.

Berikut adalah demo ESP32 SIM7600 4G.

9 responses to “ESP32 Lesson: SIM7600 4G”

  1. hello i love your project, what is the proper way with wires to connect the sim7600 to esp32 board?
    which terminals should i use on the esp32 and which terminals do i use on the sim7600?

  2. Hello, do you know how to use esp32 and the SIM7600 4G on online platform/cloud. Data that the esp32 got being send to cloud using the 4g modem. The esp32 dont have to use wifi so that it can be sent data wherever the location it placed. I really need help from you.

  3. Would u share the schematic diagram? I am using ESP32 with GSM7600E as shown in the video. I try to connect UART2 from ESP32 with TX and RX on the GSM module. The ESP32 can’t communicate with the GSM module. I also use the same code to communicate the ESP32 with UNO and it is successful. Thank you.

  4. -Is it compulsory to connect to wifi FIRST before the 7600 module can communicate with esp?
    -Does after the wifi connection then the UART connection with the gsm board can be use?
    – E.g; after connect to wifi, then only the ESp 32 can communicate with gsm properly thus can test the AT command to check 7600 ok or not, perform SMS and update to website… does it work like that?

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