Sekitar MURoC 2011

February 28th, 2011  Posted at   Peribadi

Pada 25-27 Februari 2011, telah berlangsungnya pertandingan MURoC di Dewan 2020, Perlis yang dianjurkan oleh Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP). Pertandingan MURoC 2011 adalah kali kedua diadakan. Sebagai peminat robot, saya mengambil kesempatan menyaksikannya. Terdapat tiga pertandingan robot iaitu Paintball Robot, Fire Fighting Robot dan Rope Climbing Robot.

Gambar di atas adalah salah satu Paintball Robot yang menggunakan Tayar Mecanum. Tayar Mecanum adalah design untuk membolehkan robot bergerak dalam pelbagai arah.

Demo Mecanum Wheel (Paintball Robot daripada UiTM dan UPM)

Demo Quadcopter (Quadcopter daripada Syarikat Cytron Technologies Sdn. Bhd.)

10 Responses to “Sekitar MURoC 2011”

  1. nazrul says:

    slm., shahrul, ade video muroc fire fighting tak..?.,

  2. Tarig says:

    Hello am tarig i want to do Quadcopter as a project so am wondering if you can do it for me

  3. kl84 says:

    That means they bought the wheels? Do you know where they get it?

  4. uitm4ever says:

    @kl84 no dude, u can buy those wheels..but really expensive..
    i saw my friend use it 4 our fyp b4 and its definitely not suitable for tougher terrains..the grips made from a series of roller..u might not wana destroy ur expensive wheel on tougher terrains..
    the uitm team just build the robot..=)

  5. kl84 says:

    Ooo…looks like very nice. They can commercialize it.

  6. kl84 says:

    Those teams build the Mecanum wheels? Looks nice and suitable for tougher terrains.

  7. Ober says:

    Shahrul, you din stop by and say hello?

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