PIC Lesson: Adafruit Fingerprint

Adafruit Fingerprint

Adafruit Fingerprint adalah model fingerprint reader yang lain. Interface Adafruit Fingerprint dengan Arduino boleh rujuk Arduino Lesson: Adafruit Fingerprint.

Sambungan wayar adalah seperti berikut

  • Merah = 5V
  • Hitam = GND
  • Putih = TX
  • Hijau = RX

Berikut adalah demo Adafruit Fingerprint

PIC Source Code

Sertai Telegram Group bagi dapatkan source code

5 Replies to “PIC Lesson: Adafruit Fingerprint”

  1. Good evening how are you? I want to use the FingerPrint sensor model FPM10A with an 18F2550 microcontroller, but I can not find a library for PIC, this library that you use “#include” LibraryFingerprint.h “” where can I download it or find it?

      1. Ok, I understand, and does it have any cost? or could you share it? I need it for the CCS compiler and for XC8.

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