PIC Lesson: Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner adalah alat yang digunakan untuk membaca barcode. Gambar diatas adalah Barcode Laser Scanner Code Soft menggunakan RS232.

Di bawah adalah contoh barcode.

Barcode shahrulnizam

Berikut adalah demo menggunakan Barcode Scanner.

PIC Source Code

Sertai Telegram Group bagi dapatkan source code

23 Replies to “PIC Lesson: Barcode Scanner”

      1. I assume it’s RS232 type. Can i use my usb barcode reader and connect it to usb to serial ttl converter then interface it with my pic microcontroller?

          1. Do you have any idea on how can i interface my USB Barcode Reader with my Pic MCU? As you’ve said serial to ttl needs a USB host. Any tips will really help. Thanks

        1. Follow up question. Did you just directly connected your RS232 Barcode to the PIC or did you first connected it to a PC then used UART to send the readings to the PIC?

          1. Last question sir, Will it possibly work if connect the usb end of the barcode to a USB to Serial Adapter and then connect it to MAX232? I’m not sure if the cable also needs a USB Host.

            Thanks for answering my questions :)

          2. Very last question sir! Will a PS2 Barcode scanner work with my PIC18f4550

            THANKS!! :)

  1. Assalamualaikum, saya aisyah dari politeknik ungku omar saya Nak mintak tunjuk ajar sikit boleh pasal projek INi untk final projek kami yang Ada kaitan dengan projek En nizam Buat ni.mohon tunjuk ajar boleh.sebarang feedback bleh email saya.

  2. Hello, we have a similar project like this. Is it okay if I ask a few questions…

    What kind of barcode scanner did you use?
    Do you have a schematic for this? If yes, is it okay if you can show it?

    We would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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