PIC Lesson: Compass HMC6352

June 30th, 2011  Posted at   Lesson PIC
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Compass Module adalah sensor untuk menentukan arah Utara. Salah satu compass module adalah HMC6352 daripada Honeywell. Di atas adalah pandangan atas dan pandangan bawah HMC6352. HMC6352 disambungkan dengan sambungan I2C. Voltage nya menggunakan 3.3V.  Di bawah adalah schematic HMC6352 ke PIC.

Schematic HMC6352 2

Berikut adalah videonya.

PIC Source Code

14 Responses to “PIC Lesson: Compass HMC6352”

  1. alamshah says:

    berapa harga untuk dapatkan sourcecode projek ni. saya dah cuba 2 bulan utk buat sendiri, tapi tak berhasil

  2. julio says:

    Hi, excellent project. Where I can download the library “LibraryHardware.h”?. thanks..

  3. Shaharyar Khan says:

    Assalam O Alaikum.. I am doing my final year project and facing some problems in this compass module HMC 6352.. I have programmed it but the problem I am facing is that when I rotate it at 90 degrees or 180 degrees or 270 degrees, it does not shows the exact angular change.. There is always an error of even up to 10 or 20 degrees plus minus.. Please help me and suggest me tha solution.. Waiting for your reply..

    Shaharyar Khan

  4. Kartika says:

    Malam Encik, saya mahu source code boleh tak.

  5. weria says:

    can you send me the program please?

  6. thava says:

    bole tak share source code

  7. ridzuan says:

    salam,sya dah cuba buat. tapi dapat error macam ni selepas build

    Build D:\Education\PSM\Coding Psm\hi-tech c\test 3 for device 16F877A
    Using driver C:\Program Files (x86)\HI-TECH Software\PICC\9.83\bin\picc.exe

    Make: The target “D:\Education\PSM\Coding Psm\hi-tech c\test 3.p1” is out of date.
    Executing: “C:\Program Files (x86)\HI-TECH Software\PICC\9.83\bin\picc.exe” –pass1 “D:\Education\PSM\Coding Psm\hi-tech c\test 3.c” -q –chip=16F877A -P –runtime=default –opt=default -D__DEBUG=1 -g –asmlist “–errformat=Error [%n] %f; %l.%c %s” “–msgformat=Advisory[%n] %s” “–warnformat=Warning [%n] %f; %l.%c %s”
    Error [141] D:\Education\PSM\Coding Psm\hi-tech c\test 3.c; 5.28 can’t open include file “LibraryHardware.h”: No such file or directory

    ********** Build failed! **********

  8. james camon says:

    hi! if ı want make it with hmc5883l . is library change a lot ? ı’m new user for pic please help me

  9. kagan tantan says:

    can you share all source code ?please ı need that desperately

  10. Khairul says:

    Salam, compass module ne bila turn 360* complete dia akn brubah jdi 0* k?

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