PIC Lesson: GPS Receiver

Di atas adalah pandangan atas dan di bawah adalah pandangan bawah GPS Receiver SKGPS-53.

GPS adalah singkatan bagi Global Positioning System. GPS Receiver adalah alat yang memberikan maklumat kedudukan dan masa di mana-mana sahaja berada di atas muka bumi.

GPS Receiver memberikan data UART dalam bentuk NMEA 0183 Protocol. NMEA protocol memberikan setiap data bermula dengan simbol ‘$’. Kod selepas ‘$’ adalah ‘GP’ untuk GPS kemudian diikuti kod-kod seterusnya. Antara kod-kod yang terdapat dalam GPS adalah:

GGA Global Positioning System Fix Data
GSA GNSS DOP and Active Satellites
GSV GNSS Satellites in View
RMC Recommended Minimum Navigation Information
VTG Course Over Ground and Ground Speed
GLL Geographic Position – Latitude/Longitude
ZDA Time & Date

Berikut adalah videonya.

PIC Source Code

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26 responses to “PIC Lesson: GPS Receiver”

  1. sir can you mail me this pic lesson on gps receiver in english on my email id.i am trying to do a similar project with pic 18f4520 in assembly language but till now i haven’t succeed in getting any data. can you help??
    neha sharma

  2. bagaimana pula jika tidak menggunakan pic spt yg ditunjukkn sebaliknye menggunakn arduino. boleh beri sedikit tunjuk ajar?

  3. Assalamulaikum, En.Shahrul.. Sy nak cuba calculate jarak pergerakan (straight line) dlm 2km, so GPS receiver ini boleh x diprogram untuk kira jarak tersebut n klu bleh kita kena guna data ape GGA @ VTG or ape?.. Tq

  4. Im doing similar project. When I try to display the NMEA data onto the LCD it only give me rubbish value. Initially I tot its the fault of my gps module so I checked using RS232 and discover that there was no problem at all (with gps module). What could be my potential problem? What I tot is my microcontroller canot syncronize with my gps. My GPS is 9600bps. I set my SPBRGH to match 9600 using the formula given. Do I need to measure the real baud rate of my crystal and put it into the equation?

  5. Hi there shahrul..great explanation.tq..1 gt a doubt, is there any way we can transmit the gps data through a wireless device?..for example using a Bluebee and interface it with computer so that we can view the gps coordinate in the computer?if yes,could you please explain a bit detail? thanks in advance friend..good day.

  6. sir,
    i want to do a project which interfacing a pic and GPS.and also i want to send the gps data through GSM module to a mobile phone…please help me to write the data in mikro c…

  7. Bro shahrul,,tlonk emelkan full coding utk projek PIC18F4550 interface with SKGPS-53..sye tgh buat projek ni skrg..tp,sye pnenk buat coding utk displaykn data gps di LCD16x2…please help me…

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