PIC Lesson: LCD KS0108

Graphic LCD memberikan lebih banyak pilihan character yang ingin dipaparkan berbanding Character LCD. Salah satu GLCD adalah menggunakan controller KS0108. Antara saiz pixel GLCD ini adalah 128X64. GLCD KS0108 mempunyai 20pin. Di bawah adalah gambar GLCD KS0108.

Di bawah adalah skematik untuk GLCD KS0108.

Lihat document di bawah untuk instruction GLCD.

Berikut adalah videonya.

PIC Source Code

Sertai Telegram Group bagi dapatkan source code

37 Replies to “PIC Lesson: LCD KS0108”

  1. Hello,
    is it possible to get header files please?
    This library is what I’m looking for.

  2. hi can you please send me your library files
    #include “LibraryHardware.h”
    #include “LibraryChar.h”
    #include “LibraryUniversalDisplay.h”
    #include “LibraryDataImg.h”

  3. Sorry Shahrul, thanks for your reply. I asked that because I saw some comments below about the code, but how much a code like this example with source.h and source.c cost?

  4. Hey man, I saw that you have been made a very nice job, but I didn’t see where is the link that you share your codes with us. It is possible or you don’t do this anytime. Thanks a lot!

  5. Assalamulaikum, Sy dah faham ape function coding 2… tp sy nak tanya gak le, coding ne bukan terus boleh tulis text kat mane2 location dlm GLCD 2 kn…

  6. Assalamulaikum, En.Shahrul sy ada go through header “LibraryUniversalDisplay.h” dlm slot Header… kebanyakan coding 2 sy faham. Yg sy x faham adalah function glcd_gotox(unsigned char c); glcd_gotoy(unsigned char c); glcd_gotoz(unsigned char c);

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