PIC Lesson: Sensor ACS712

ACS712 adalah Hall Effect current sensor. Current sensor ini boleh membaca arus DC dan AC.

Hubungan arus masukan dengan voltan keluaran diharapkan untuk linear tetapi linear nya tidaklah setepat mungkin. Sensor ini perlu diuji untuk mengambil data-data perhubungan. Kemudian daripada data-data tersebut perlu mencari persamaan matematik paling hampir menggunakan kaedah Curve Fitting.

Apabila sudah mendapatkan persamaan matematik, boleh dimasukkan ke dalam programming PIC.

Berikut adalah videonya.

PIC Source Code

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28 responses to “PIC Lesson: Sensor ACS712”

  1. Dear Shahrul,

    Thanks for your comment in Forums of Cytron related to ACS712.
    It helped me to solve the problem.

    May i ask the following questions:

    1- ACS712 is able to measure the current till what value? (Input to the ACS712)

    2- Write me the code to display 20.15 instead of (20.1)- I can’t get the exact code for that within your program.

    3- Do you have any experience with LABVIEW for real time monitoring of analog measurement?

    Can i have your email address to keep in touch?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. salam shahrul..
    nk tanya,kalau kita nk measure ac current,cara nya adalah sama x?boleh x kita measure direct je dripada AC current tu melalui Current Transformer output?
    Terima Kasih ye…

  3. Dear Shahrul,
    hi ,want to ask how to connect IP+ n IP- to the source?? is it ant polarity of that two pins??

  4. dear shahrul:
    hi ,i use this ACS712 sensor to measure a 9V battery by connect it in series with 10k ohm of resistor to the the terminal of (ip+ and ip- which is initially connected internally )..M i doing the right connection??because i get the same result of Vout=2.32v ,before and after connected to the battery.
    Please guide me…thanks

  5. dear shahrul
    can i connect the sensor VOUT directly to the pic RA0 without any passive load…??should i make connection to filter or just no connected it???
    thanks very much:)

  6. dear shahrul;
    hai,can i direct connect current sensor (ACS712) to power supply without other component..
    thank 🙂

  7. Hello friend, I’m majoring in Computer Engineering from the Catholic University of Goiás Brazil. I’m working with the ACS712 current sense, but I’m not getting to the Vout vary by AC. I’m calling a Lamp (Fluorescent Light) and in series with the light I’m connecting the sensor ACS712. The idea is to measure the current that Light is consuming. When I turn the light vout remains unchanged. I plugged the Vout in the PIC18F4550 but the AD0 to read the AD0 not find any variation. How can I solve this problem?

    Sorry for my bad English.


    Vinicius O. Santos

  8. salam..en sharul, sy ingin btanya,,, if kita nk convert ac to dc.. utk nak compile pada PIC bleh guna current sensor x? cth nye dr arus 240v..nk jd kn 1A pstu dr 1A to nk compile pd PIC..bile dia detect crrent high or low

  9. salam… en.. sy nk tnya… ble dh ukur smua nilai spt yg en gtau kat lesson tu then buat persamaan mate utk PIC kan…so smbungan dia mcm mn ye en?? cntoh dr DC ..serata klau sy buat dgn AC mcm mn plk smbungan nye.. itu yg sy msih x fham.

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