PIC Lesson: Sensor DHT

Sensor DHT11

Sensor DHT11 adalah sensor yang dapat mengesan humidity dan suhu. Di atas adalah gambar sensor DHT11 dari DFRobot.


  • Operating Humidity Range = 20 to 90% RH
  • Operating Temperature Range = 0 to 50°C
  • Humidity Response Time = 6 to 15s
  • Temperature Response Time = 6 to 30s

Sensor DHT11 menggunakan 1-wire protocol. DHT11 protocol adalah seperti timing diagram di bawah. Microcontroller perlu memberi output low kepada sensor DHT11 sekurang-kurangnya 18ms, kemudian signal high 20-40us. Selepas itu, barulah microcontroller membaca input daripada DHT11. Start bit daripada DHT11 adalah signal low 80us dan signal high 80us. DHT11 akan memberikan 8 byte iaitu 40 bit data. Data ‘0’ adalah signal low selama 50us dan signal high selama 26-28us. Data ‘1’ adalah signal low selama 50us dan signal high selama 70us.

Berikut adalah videonya.

PIC Source Code

23 Replies to “PIC Lesson: Sensor DHT”

  1. Hi Shah,now the temperature and humidity string are shown. But the data n value from dht are not displayed on the screen,it means it doesnt work ?

  2. Hi Shah,then it is ok. I want to ask that i use hi tech compiler same as u and i prog into pic16f628a,it displays y<-<-_ in my 16×4 lcd,why is that happening? using same coding n header file as u, ^^

  3. If i want this DHT11 Lesson hardware,then cost rm500 ar? Cant be cheaper since coding is free? Like RM 250?

    1. I’m not sell this DHT11 Lesson. The code is free, so you buy the sensor and construct for yourself. As general project I take minimum RM500.

  4. Thanks, saya ada beli sensor RHT03 dari sparkfun, da lame da tersimpan, tengok datasheet lebih kurang sama dengan DHT11 ni.

    *Tiada click untuk ‘Home’ ke? hehe..

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