PIC Lesson: Sensor DS18B20

April 3rd, 2013  Posted at   Lesson PIC
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Sensor DS18B20

Sensor DS18B20 waterproof

Sensor DS18B20 adalah digital thermometer. Di atas adalah gambar sensor DS18B20, jenis biasa dan waterproof. DS18B20 boleh mengesan suhu dari -55°C hingga 125°C. Sensor DS18B20 menggunakan 1-wire.
Pin-pin nya adalah

  • pin 1 = output
  • pin 2 = 5V
  • pin 3 = GND

Berikut adalah demo menggunakan DS18B20.

Video DS18B20

Video DS18B20 Waterproof

PIC Source Code

7 Responses to “PIC Lesson: Sensor DS18B20”

  1. Fábio Magno says:

    Olá boa tarde. Gostaria de saber se você tem um código em ‘c’ feito no MPLab utilizando o PIC18F4550 para usar esse sensor de temperatura, (DS18B20), medindo a temperatura e mostrando num LCD 20×4?

  2. NAD says:

    Where can I download all source code for this project?
    where is #include “LibraryHardware.h”, #include “LibraryUniversalDisplay.h”, #include “LibrarySensor.h” etc..

  3. max says:

    Where si the lesson?

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