Project Basketball Scoreboard

Project Basketball Scoreboard adalah untuk memaparkan markah di stadium bola keranjang. Projek ini menggunakan Scoreboard Controller, Board 7 Segment 107×196, Board 7 Segment 163×296 dan lain-lain.

Display 1

Display 2

Berikut adalah videonya.

10 responses to “Project Basketball Scoreboard”

  1. good afternoon, wondering if it’s possible I can give access to maps of circuit and programming required to perform a similar project for my community … without further ado I leave you.

  2. Hi Shahrul,

    I’m starting a new project, a basketball electronic scoreboard for my community, and i found your video on youtube. I’m running out of time on getting the scoreboard finished. So I want to know how much $$ do you required for all schematic, lists of materials, programming code, and all information generated to culminate this project as you show on the video.

    Nice work by the way, and congrats.

    Could you answer me by e-mail?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi sharul can you teach me how to make a score board? Because this is i want in our thesis. Can you plss teach us or help us?

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