Senarai Harga

Project 001: PIC Development Board V1
Project 002: PIC Development Board V2
Project 003: LED Running Light
Project 004: Dot Matrix Signboard (16X8)
Project 005: PIC LCD
Project 006: Seven Segment Display
Project 007: LED Signboard (16X8)
Project 008: Door Access
Project 009: Switch Control Dimmer
Project 010: Signboard Controller
Project 011: Dot Matrix 48X8 V1
Project 012: Dot Matrix 48X8 V2
Project 013: PIC GSM Four Input
Project 014: Arduino GSM Four Input
Project 015: Relay Controller V1
Project 016: Relay Controller V2
Project 017: Relay Controller V3
Project 018: Arduino GPS Tracker
Project 019: Attendance System V1
Project 020: Attendance System V2
Project 021: ESPresso RS485
Project 022: Hand Gesture
Project 023: Input Monitor
Project 024: Cube Servo Controller
Project 025: PIC Lesson Kit
Project 026: Board 7 Segment 2.3inch
Project 027: Board 7 Segment 107X196
Project 028: Board 7 Segment 163X296
Project 029: Scoreboard Controller V1
Project 030: Scoreboard Controller V2
Project 031: Stepper Controller
Project 032: PIC Modbus
Project 033: Mobile Robot Controller
Project 034: Joystick Controller
Project 035: Jam Solat
Project 036: Timing Gate
Project 037: Emergency Stop Plunger
Project 038: Arduino 4in 4relay XBee
Project 039: Arduino GSM AC Monitor
Project 040: IOT Switch 5 Channel
Project 041: IOT Switch 8 Channel
Project 042: IOT Switch 16 Channel

Project 101: LED Running Light
Project 102: Dot Matrix Signboard (16X8)
Project 103: Sistem Angka Giliran
Project 104: Simple Digital Clock
Project 105: Electronic Dice
Project 106: Timer and Stopwatch
Project 107: Dot Matrix Lift Display
Project 108: LED Signboard (16X8)
Project 109: Seven Segment Temperature
Project 110: Calculator
Project 111: Dark/Light Activated Relay
Project 112: Latching Relay
Project 113: Quiz Button
Project 114: Humidity Temperature Monitoring
Project 115: Logic Gate IC Tester
Project 116: PIC Voltage Current Monitoring
Project 117: Timer and Stopwatch Signboard
Project 118: GSM Car Security
Project 119: PIC GSM Switch
Project 120: Password Key Box Access
Project 121: GSM Flood Alert
Project 122: Clock Signboard
Project 123: Password Door Access
Project 124: GSM LCD Scroll
Project 125: PIC Temperature Control
Project 126: PIC GSM Temperature
Project 127: Password Door Lock
Project 128: PIC GSM Mailbox
Project 129: Dot Matrix Signboard (32X16)
Project 130: ph Meter
Project 131: PIC GSM Home Security
Project 132: GSM Gas Detector
Project 133: PIC Automatic Fan
Project 134: PIC GSM Signboard (48X8)
Project 135: GSM SCADA
Project 136: RFID Door Access
Project 137: Password Door Lock GSM
Project 138: Password Door Access GSM
Project 139: PIC GSM GPS Tracker
Project 140: GSM Signboard (32X16)
Project 141: GSM Distribution Board
Project 142: Anemometer
Project 143: GSM Smart Home
Project 144: GSM Heart Rate
Project 145: Barcode Cashier System
Project 146: Barcode Exam Entry
Project 147: RFBee Mailbox
Project 148: GSM GPS Tracker Keypad
Project 149: GSM Plant Monitoring
Project 150: GSM Solar Monitoring
Project 151: GSM Water Level
Project 152: GSM RFBee Switch
Project 153: Fingerprint Key Box Access
Project 154: Fingerprint Door Access
Project 155: Fingerprint Door Lock
Project 156: GSM Distribution Board Keypad
Project 157: Fingerprint Security Lock Keypad
Project 158: Dot Matrix Signboard (96X24)
Project 159: Fingerprint Door Lock GSM
Project 160: Barcode Smart Trolley System
Project 161: Power Failure Notification

Project 201: Relay Timer
Project 202: Ultrasonic Sensor Indicator
Project 203: Arduino Voltage Current Monitoring
Project 204: Password Car Starter
Project 205: Ultrasonic Data Logger
Project 206: Ultrasonic 2 Data Logger
Project 207: Auto Water Level
Project 208: Humidity Temperature Data Logger
Project 209: Arduino GSM Temperature
Project 210: Arduino GSM Home Security
Project 211: Arduino GSM Switch
Project 212: Arduino Temperature Control
Project 213: GSM Temperature Fan
Project 214: Arduino GSM Signboard (48X8)
Project 215: Arduino GSM Mailbox
Project 216: pH Temperature Data Logger
Project 217: Arduino GSM GPS Tracker
Project 218: GSM Flood Alert Signboard (48X8)
Project 219: GSM Temperature RGB
Project 220: DTMF Switch
Project 221: Fingerprint Car Starter
Project 222: Barcode Signboard (48X8)
Project 223: Arduino Automatic Fan
Project 224: Smart Room
Project 225: RF NFC
Project 226: Elderly Fall Detector
Project 227: Kompas Kiblat
Project 228: GSM Notice Board (64X32)
Project 229: Propeller Clock

Project 301: USB RFID Attendance System
Project 302: RFBee Switch
Project 303: RFBee Patient Temperature
Project 304: Green House RFBee
Project 305: IMU Force
Project 306: RFBee Tachometer
Project 307: RF Drawer Search
Project 308: RFBee Signboard
Project 309: RFID Attendance System (PIC)
Project 310: RFID Attendance System (Arduino)
Project 311: GPS Maps
Project 312: USB Fingerprint Attendance System
Project 313: RFID Attendance & Access System
Project 314: Green House RFBee GSM
Project 315: RFID Attendance System with GSM
Project 316: RFBee Camera
Project 317: GSM RFBee DMD
Project 318: MMS Camera
Project 319: Fingerprint Attendance System (PIC)
Project 320: Hand Gesture Message
Project 321: Fingerprint Attendance System (Arduino)
Project 322: Fingerprint Attendance & Access System
Project 323: Fingerprint Library Management with RFID
Project 324: Fingerprint Attendance System with GSM
Project 325: Fingerprint Attendance & Access System with GSM
Project 326: Fingerprint Security Lock
Project 327: Fingerprint Library Management with RFID & GSM
Project 328: Fingerprint Security Box
Project 329: Fingerprint Attendance System with Barcode
Project 330: RFBee Wind Monitoring
Project 331: RFID Smart Cashier
Project 332: RFID Automated Payment System

Project 401: Bluetooth Switch
Project 402: Bluetooth Humidity Temperature
Project 403: IOT Switch (Wifi)
Project 404: Parking System
Project 405: Bluetooth Drawer Search
Project 406: IOT Switch Temperature
Project 407: IOT Plant Monitoring
Project 408: Booking Parking System
Project 409: Bluetooth Heart Rate
Project 410: IOT Fan
Project 411: IOT Energy Meter
Project 412: IOT Energy Meter ThingSpeak
Project 413: Bluetooth Fingerprint Car Starter
Project 414: TFT Temperature Control
Project 415: IOT Heart Rate Monitoring
Project 416: GSM RGB LED Signboard
Project 417: IOT Gas
Project 418: IOT Heart Rate
Project 419: Smart Watch UV
Project 420: Smart Watch Fingerprint
Project 421: GSM Notice Board (96X48)

Project 501: Bluetooth Mobile Robot
Project 502: Automatic Roof
Project 503: WiFly Mobile Robot
Project 504: Ampaian Automatik GSM
Project 505: Automatic Hand Wash
Project 506: Smart Dustbin
Project 507: Smart Aquarium
Project 508: Hand Gesture Mobile Robot
Project 509: Hand Gesture Arm Robot
Project 510: Walking Robot
Project 511: Hand Robot
Project 512: Line Following Robot
Project 513: Fire Fighting Robot

Project 601: Click Here Game
Project 602: IOT Switch 16 Channel
Project 603: Bluetooth Switch 16 Channel
Project 604: Basketball Scoreboard
Project 605: Timing Gate
Project 606: LED Signboard (96X48)
Project 607: Fuel Cell Data Logger
Project 608: Load Cell with HX711
Project 609: Solar Signboard
Project 610: XBee Timing Gate
Project 611: Xbee Water Level
Project 612: Emergency Stop Plunger
Project 613: GSM AC Monitor

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    Wireless fall sensor with GPS location for monitoring the x?

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    salam abg shahrul. boleh takk sy nak tempah projek. mnggunkan litar pic. ad lcd. ad bunyi. tu smua . boleh?? segera

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