Raspberry Pi Basic Commands

June 5th, 2017  Posted at   Lesson Raspberry Pi
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Ini adalah senarai beberapa command asas untuk terminal Raspberry Pi.

1. Synchronizes the list of packages on your system to the list in the repositories. Use it before installing new packages to make sure you are installing the latest version.

2. Upgrades all of the software packages you have installed.

3. Opens the configuration settings menu.

4. Install a package for which you already know the name.

5. Remove software from your system but leaves behind files that are somehow related to the software.

6. Remove everything files that are somehow related to the software, such as configuration files and logs.

7. Opens the python file in the Linux text editor Nano.

8. To run python programs directly from the prompt.

9. To testing take picture.

10. To setting wifi network.

11. To scheduling task with cron.

12. To reboot immediately.

13. To shutdown immediately.

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