Raspberry Pi Lesson: Modbus PZEM Energy Meter

PZEM-014 Energy Meter adalah salah satu meter yang boleh dibaca menggunakan RS485 dan protocol Modbus.

Berikut adalah demo Modbus PZEM-014 Energy Meter.

Python Source Code

Sertai Telegram Group bagi dapatkan source code

6 responses to “Raspberry Pi Lesson: Modbus PZEM Energy Meter”

  1. when you send the modbus commands.. the last 2 hexidecimal commands on each modbus string don’t seem to coorelate with any known command… is this suppose to be the CRC check high/low byte?

    voltage 0x31,0xCA 49 202
    current 0x20,0x0B 32 11
    power 0x81,0xCB 129 203
    energy 0x61,0xCA 97 202
    freq 0x80,0x0B 128 11
    pf 0xB0,0x08 176 8

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