Raspberry Pi Lesson: Sensor Non-contact Water Level

Sensor Non-contact Water Level menggunakan chip XKC-Y25-T12V untuk signal processing bagi mengesan air tanpa menyentuh air.  Cara pemasangannya boleh rujuk di dfrobot.com.

Berikut adalah demo Sensor Non-contact Water Level ini.

Python Source Code

Sertai Telegram Group bagi dapatkan source code

9 responses to “Raspberry Pi Lesson: Sensor Non-contact Water Level”

  1. Good Day,

    Kindly let me know which I/O board was used on that project and where I can get it also.

    Kind Regards
    Kevin TN

  2. hi im new to raspberry pi, im doing water quality monitoring using the raspberry pi. i have the same sensor but i dont know how to connect it to raspberry pi, will you guide me please. should i connect it to a breadboard or can i directly connect it to the raspberry pi.

    i thank you in advance. looking forward for your reply.

  3. Hey there, great work. Appreciated the effort. I wonder what the purpose was for creating the DC, SPI_PORT, and SPI_DEVICE variables since I couldn’t observe any other place that they were used? Thanks in advance!

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