Raspberry Pi Lesson: Sensor Omron E3Z

November 12th, 2018  Posted at   Lesson Raspberry Pi
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Sensor OMRON E3Z adalah Compact Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier. Model sensor ini adalah E3ZG-D62. Bagi interface sensor ini menggunakan PIC boleh rujuk PIC Lesson: Sensor Omron E3Z.

Berikut adalah demo Sensor OMRON E3Z ini.

Python Source Code

3 Responses to “Raspberry Pi Lesson: Sensor Omron E3Z”

  1. İsmail akar says:

    But after wrote the codes ı got ERROR

    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘RPi’

  2. ismail akar says:

    First of all I’m really thankfull to you for share this project.
    Bur I need to know about how to make connect schema. ( Pin Numbers)
    Please would you like to share with me?

    Thank you so mıuch for now.

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