UHF RFID Reader – DL920

February 9th, 2014  Posted at   Umum
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UHF Medium Range Reader - DL920

UHF RFID Reader ini model DL920.

Berikut adalah demo UHF Medium Reader

8 Responses to “UHF RFID Reader – DL920”

  1. vadi says:

    bro, u ada jual reader ini…

  2. Izzy says:

    Bro, bleh share x RFID management software yg bro gne tu?

  3. Shwetha says:


    i brought the DCLRFID Reader.
    how do i interface the UHF reader with arduino board using RS232 protocol. could you please help me to above problem.

    Thank you

  4. Saad Hamid says:

    hi I bought this rfid reader dl920 its EAS Alarm system is not working hope you can help me.

  5. Hi,

    What is the maximum read distance when power is set to 10.

    Thank you

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