VB Lesson: Serial Communication

VB Serial Communication

Serial Communication adalah proses penghantaran data. Misalnya serial communication adalah perantara perhubungan diantara Visual Basic dan PIC.

Di bawah adalah video operasinya.

VB Source Code

19 responses to “VB Lesson: Serial Communication”

  1. Shahrul, program tu builded guna Vb version berapa?

    Textbox receive = RtbReceive
    Textbox send = TbSend

    Pastu yang command tuk SerialPort1_DataReceived camner yerk?Just taip satu2 ker?

    Mekasih 🙂

  2. Hi sharul ~~~may i ask some stupid question could u provide those project u done by Visual Basic for the coding ?????? or i have to write my own programming code for this VB ~~~because i intend to convert into C# ~~~~hehe~~~~~~ so it is free for available for us ????just for asking …hehe

    anyway wait for u reply thank ~~~~

  3. Salam..hai shahrul..act sy skang ni tgh mncari project yg berkenaan dgn serial communication and i do need to finish and send de project by de early of december..but until now stil xde idea nk buat project ape..anda ade suggestion x?help me plis..

  4. Salam En.Shahrul

    Saya ada beberapa soalan,
    1) En.Shahrul guna RichTextBox k TextBox biasa untk display Received Data from UART.
    2) En.Shahrul boleh x emailkn example coding untuk read data. Jika tidak menyusahkan En.Shahrul.

    TQ coz banyak membantu

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