VB Project: Fingerprint Attendance System (PIC)

Fingerprint Attendance System adalah projek mengambil kedatangan menggunakan Fingerprint Reader. Nama pengguna didaftarkan melalui VB dan disimpan di dalam database Access. Ia dihubungkan dengan komputer secara wireless melalui RF.

Skematiknya adalah seperti berikut.

Senarai komponen projek PIC RF Fingerprint Attendance System seperti berikut.
No Component Label Unit
1 072 PCB PIC Attendance System (119mm X 118mm) PCB 1
2 Buzzer-PCB Mount Buzzer 1
3 Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF C5 1
4 Capacitor Electrolytic 10uF C1-C2 2
5 Cell Battery CR2032 Battery 3V 1
6 Cell Battery Holder Battery 3V 1
7 Crystal RTC 32.768kHz XTAL2 1
8 DC Jack Female DC Jack Female 1
9 Diode 1N4001 D1 1
10 Fingerprint Sensor FPM10A UART_1 1
11 IC DS1307 DIP DS1307 1
12 IC PIC18F46K22 DIP PIC18F46K22 1
13 IC Socket 40pin PIC18F46K22 1
14 IC Socket 8pin DS1307 1
15 Keypad 4X4 Keypad 1
16 LCD 16X2 LCD 1
17 PCB Connector Header (Straight) 3 Ways UART_1 1
18 PCB Connector Header (Straight) 3 Ways PWR_1 1
19 PCB Connector Housing 3 Ways UART_1 1
20 PCB Connector Housing 3 Ways PWR_1 1
21 PCB Stand (screw nut) PCB Stand 8
22 Resistor 0.25W 10K R3-R6 4
23 Resistor 0.25W 1K R12-R13 2
24 Resistor 0.25W 1K/4.7K R9 1
25 Resistor 0.25W 330 R7, R8, R10, R11 4
26 Resistor 0.25W 330 R1 1
27 RF Transceiver Module 433MHz 1km RF 1
28 RFBee 433MHz 1km RF 1
29 Right Angle Pin Header (Male) ICSP 1
30 Slide Switch S1 1
31 Terminal Block 2 Way PWR 1
32 Terminal Pin PWR_1 3
33 Terminal Pin UART_1 3
34 Voltage Regulator 5V TO220 7805 1
35 XBee Starter Kit without module RF 1

Harga projek PIC RF Fingerprint Attendance System adalah RM1300 tidak termasuk bantuan teknikal. Di bawah adalah cara projek ini berfungsi.

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  1. Hi. i wanna ask you about this project. where i use PWR_1 in the circuit diagram? because i don’t see port legs with PWR_1. real question, where it belong PWR_1? it belong xbee or PIC18f ?

    PWR_1 leg ports explanation are

    I dont understand what explain this.. thanks for all of this

  2. oh boleh ek..kalau gune IP untuk load data scan tu ke server melalui internet boleh jugak ke? ni jual device sahaja or skali code and sy boleh edit code yang encik buat ke?

  3. assalamualaikum, boleh tak kalau saya nak tahu hardware apa yang digunakan untuk buat fingerprint tu? contohnya kable apa dan lain-lain. ASAP..terima kasih

  4. hi
    i am from kerala india

    i appreciate your great work on finger print module

    can you give basic code to initialization and reading finger print..

    please help me

    thank you…!

  5. Hi shahrul,,,glad to see you….need to ask you one thing…In lcd displayed attendance.sys and the time and date too….i think you did it by source code…how do you link it with lcd???You using xbee wireless module to display it or you use any tool to display the thing???

  6. Alright..That means how do you apply this time and date source code inside lcd????how it can be run automatically after on the system…

  7. Ok thanks….how do you set the source code of time and date into lcd??Did u use any cable from laptop to pcb board to apply it????

  8. salam , nak tnye . kalau taknak set untuk time & date tapi set untuk kehadiran saja boleh tak ? boleh email proposal tak ? kalau boleh emel dekat (khairulanuarmarzuki@icloud.com) . tq . need your reply ASAP

  9. Asalam! Saya ingin buat finger print untuk final year project saya boleh contact saya di email secepat yang mungkin? Atau whatsapp saya +60176379320 . Terima kasih

  10. hey,good work,liked your project ,really neat man,was asking if you could share the code with me.Also need assistance on getting a custom PCB printout like the one youve got there..

  11. hi good afternoon thanks for this project i need this project code and little help please send me the code and guide
    thanks in advance

  12. Hi!
    I need the Source Code and Data Base Program, also source code for the data base Program.
    how Much will Cost is US dollar.

    Need replay,
    its Urgent.

  13. Hi!
    I was out for a while, but i need to know if i can modify the code to match my Design, what kind of compiler your using
    so if i get the code i can modify!them.

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