VB Project: RFID Attendance System (Arduino)

March 2nd, 2017  Posted at   Project Arduino, Project VB
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RFID Attendance System adalah projek mengambil kedatangan menggunakan RFID Tag.  Sama seperti projek PIC RFID Attendance System, namun projek ini menggunakan Arduino. Nama pengguna didaftarkan melalui VB dan disimpan di dalam database Access.

Skematiknya adalah seperti berikut.

PCB komponen layout nya adalah seperti berikut.

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9 Responses to “VB Project: RFID Attendance System (Arduino)”

  1. oscar says:

    Hi good work, can you send me this code prject pls ?

  2. Aakash Sinha says:

    hello sir
    i really need your help with this project as i’m also doing the same project for my final year project.
    it would be relly appreciable if you help
    looking forward for your reply

  3. prakash says:

    send me this code VB Project: RFID Attendance System (Arduino)

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