Webinar: IOT Application using ESP32

Webinar IOT Application using ESP32. Antara kandungan:

  1. Install ESP32 di Arduino IDE (Sebelum kursus)
    Rujukan: http://shahrulnizam.com/arduino-ide-esp8266-esp32
  2. Connect wifi secara manual
    Rujukan: http://shahrulnizam.com/esp32-lesson-wifi-functions
  3. Connect wifi secara wifi manager
    Rujukan: http://shahrulnizam.com/esp32-lesson-wifi-manager
  4. NTP Clock
    Rujukan: http://shahrulnizam.com/esp32-lesson-ntp
  5. DHT22 Sensor
    Rujukan: http://shahrulnizam.com/esp32-lesson-sensor-dht
  6. Basic Web Server
    Rujukan: http://shahrulnizam.com/esp32-lesson-sensor-dht
  7. Basic Javascript AJAX
    Rujukan: http://shahrulnizam.com/esp32-lesson-sensor-dht
  8. Http Request
    Rujukan: http://shahrulnizam.com/esp32-lesson-http-request
  9. MQTT Client
    Rujukan: http://shahrulnizam.com/esp32-lesson-mqtt-client
  10. Send data to ThingSpeak
    Rujukan: http://shahrulnizam.com/esp32-lesson-send-data-thingspeak

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