Arduino Project: MMS Camera

December 19th, 2014  Posted at   Project Arduino, Project VB
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MMS Camera

MMS Camera adalah projek yang menggunakan Servo Motor, Ultrasonic HC-SR04, LinkSprite JPEG Camera dan GSM SIM900. Fungsi nya apabila ada objek yang menghalang sensor ultrasonic, servo motor akan berhenti, camera mengambil gambar dan menghantar MMS melalui SIM90.


21 Responses to “Arduino Project: MMS Camera”

  1. mohammad says:

    Say hello to email me this project Thank you for your useful site

  2. Zakwan says:

    Apa fungsi software yg digunakan di laptop?boleh ke kalau sy bt camera tu ambil gmbar dan simpan di sd card then hantar terus mms menggunakn gsm?

  3. mns says:

    berapa harga kamera tu sebiji?

  4. Jahangir says:

    I need to communicate with you . Can you share your mail address

  5. seba says:

    As the project costs?

  6. Trong says:

    please, you can give me the code file
    thank a lot of !

  7. yahya alsadah says:

    Very nice

  8. myarduino says:

    instead of hantar mms, hantar gambat ikut whatsapp boleh ?

  9. pio says:

    How do thease ? how you send message to phone of arduino ?

  10. khairi says:

    Projek yang hebat.

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