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PCB Fabrication: Smart Prototyping.

55 Responses to “Download”

  1. Srujan says:

    hiee sir,
    I have your video on youtube channel and i have subscribed to your channel it is very interesting and i have choosen it as my mini project….
    I have to complete and demonstrate it our professors please can you help me in completing this project by sending me the source code, software download links, process to complete this….
    I will be waiting for your reply…..
    thank you sir

  2. najwa says:

    salam encik shahrul, kalau sy mntk tolong buat system, biasa berapa lama amik masa?

  3. Ashry Sabry says:

    Salam encik, saya nak belajar tentang penambahan pin digital di espresso lite v2.0 mcm mana ya?

  4. Steph says:

    sir may i know where can i download LibraryGSM.h from your GSM Mobile Phone to Switch Appliances project

  5. Daus says:

    Salam En.ShahrulNizam
    Boleh saya tahu, Encik ada buat projek EMP Jammer tak…? Kalau ada saya ingin tempah dan nak tahu harga ye berapa…?

  6. omid bagheri says:


  7. macneil says:

    En sharul…boleh kah saya beli ini projek….kalau boleh code dan diagram pun jadi….saya student semester 5 buat projek ini….

  8. Malik Perang says:

    Salam bro shahrul kalau belajar f2f berapa kos ye? dan apa yang dipelajari ye? thanks.

  9. faiza says:

    salam…bagaimanabelajar nak ttg program PIC ni

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